Jason grew up in the outskirts of Washington DC, during the artisan age in the town of Washington Grove, MD.
Before switching to a full digital process in 2003, Jason worked and struggled in film, which he now misses.

While at AOL in the 1990s, Jason was a pioneer in digital photography in live event coverage. He photographed live events for America Online including Super Bowl XXXI, The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, The Papal Visit, The US Open Surfing Championship, and he has photographed celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and the Dalai Lama, which he recognizes is pretty random.

Jason is currently shooting for Mediabarn, where he is co-founder and principal. Mediabarn is a Focus Group Facility and Usability Lab, Digital Agency, and Placement Agency, based in the Washington DC area.
Jason also enjoys taking pictures of his kids, his wife, and family and friends. Jason lives in Northern Virginia, has 2 boys, a dog and has been married for years and years.